How to Use StrongVPN with Netflix

Wondering how to use StrongVPN to watch Netflix? In this article, we will be discussing the frequently asked questions and other concerns related to accessing Netflix and streaming geo-specific content such as UK and US via this VPN service provider.

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How to Watch Netflix with StrongVPN

If you want use StrongVPN for Netflix, you just need to choose a specific server that is based in that country on which that specific content is available. For example, if you would like to watch a movie or series that is only available for Netflix users in the USA, then you need to choose a server that is located in California, New York or any American state. If you’d like to access content that is only available for UK-based clients then you need to choose a server that is located in the United Kingdom.

StrongVPN Server That Works with Netflix

So how do you find StrongVPN servers for Netflix? The good news is that most of StrongVPN’s US servers work with this online streaming service so you don’t have to necessarily choose a specific server location or region in the US.

Why is StrongVPN Not Working for Netflix?

There are different possible reasons why you’re having problems accessing Netflix while using StrongVPN:

  1. If you have streamed via Netflix before and it’s via a direct internet connection then it could be that your browser might have saved your actual location details and Netflix might be using this data to still know your current location even if you’re using StrongVPN. A possible solution to this is by clearing your browser’s cache and cookies.
  2. You might be using a specific StrongVPN server that has been already blocked by Netflix. What you can do is try to switch to another server or contact their customer support team to ask for the right server to use.

Which StrongVPN Servers are Blocked by Netflix?

So what type of StrongVPN server should you use for Netflix? In general, most of StrongVPN’s servers are good for Netflix and even Amazon Prime Video as per the advise of their customer support agents. However, it’s also possible for Netflix to detect these servers in the future and block them so your best option is to simply reconnect using another server. If this still doesn’t work, you better call their customer service department for assistance.

Watch Netflix Abroad with StrongVPN

You can stream Netflix videos even while you are abroad with StrongVPN. You just need to open the VPN service, select a server that is based on a country which Netflix supports, and then establish a connection. Once you are connected, open Netflix and you should be able to watch any of their videos.

Get English Netflix with StrongVPN

If you’re wondering how you can change Netflix settings to US using StrongVPN so you can stream Netflix USA content, all you have to do is to connect to a server that is based in the US with StrongVPN and then launch your Netflix app. This will automatically assign you an IP address that is assigned for US clients so your streaming service will detect that you are in the USA and by default, it should give you access to content that is only available for US clients.

Get American Netflix on Android Using StrongVPN

Watching Netflix via your Android device and would like to watch American content or videos that are only available for USA-based clients using StrongVPN? You can do this by opening the StrongVPN app on your device and connecting to a server located in the USA. Once you are connected, open your Netflix app and by default, you will be able to stream American Netflix content.

How to Watch Netflix for Free with StrongVPN?

Even if you’re using StrongVPN or any VPN service, you won’t be able to watch Netflix for free if you don’t have a login with an active subscription. Netflix will require you to provide an email and a password to be able to access their streaming service.

How to Block Netflix with StrongVPN?

You can’t block Netflix by using StrongVPN or any other VPN service provider. As an alternative, you can use Netflix’s parental control features or block Netflix via your WiFi network which is done by thru your router.

Why StrongVPN Can Access Netflix?

The reason why users using StrongVPN’s VPN services are able to access Netflix is because this service provider assigns them a specific IP address that is located in a country which is supported by this streaming service. For example, you’re in Malaysia and you’d like to watch content that is only available for USA-based clients. You just need to choose a server that is located anywhere in the USA and if your new IP address is not blocked by Netflix, then you will be able to access content for USA clients.

How to Setup StrongVPN for Netflix?

You don’t need follow a specific process in order to setup StrongVPN for using Netflix. You just need to connect to any server that is based in the US and then open the Netflix app to access content for American clients.

Which StrongVPN Australia Server Works for Netflix?

There are no specific Australia-based servers that are guaranteed to work with Netflix because there’s a chance that Netflix would be able to detect it and have it blocked in the future. You simply need to switch to another available server in Australia or contact StrongVPN’s customer support to provide you with the latest servers that are working with this streaming service.