How Do We Rate the Top VPN Service Providers?

This is how we rate the VPN service providers that we reviewed as of 2/3/2021:

Trusted5VPN ranking pie

Trusted 5 VPN ranking pie

We’ll to try explain them in the simplest possible way for you to completely understand how each VPN brand is tested and rated:


How much data can you download at a time when you’re connected to the VPN? This is very important since speed is a necessity when you’re online.

VPN bandwidth

Is your VPN's bandwidth capped or unlimited


Do they have software or apps that you can install on your device? It’s important that the company offers platforms that will work on different operating systems.

VPN compatibility

What devices or apps does your VPN support?


Do they have enough servers to accommodate you and all of their clients in the network? Not only do numbers matter but the covered areas as well as this will give you more options to choose from.

VPN servers

Does your VPN offer plenty of server options or are they limited?


What are their key features that would make them one of the best VPN’s today? The quality of the privacy tools are integrated with their services highly matters.

VPN features

Does your VPN have notable features aside from the basic ones?


Are the plans reasonable and how affordable is it compared to its competitors? The cost of the subscription may be paid monthly, annually or bi-annually.

VPN pricing

Is the VPN subscription affordable or too expensive?

Customer Support

What is the quality of customer service that they provide and what is the average handling time? You should be aware on how their support agents handle client issues and concerns. Will they go the extra mile or will they just leave you in the dark?

VPN customer support

Will you be able to get immediate support from your VPN's customer service team?

Summing it all up...

All of these critical factors have been considered for each VPN service provider that we thoroughly evaluate so we can provide you with an unbiased and comprehensive review.