StrongVPN vs. Windscribe


Looks like we have good scores and features from both VPNs but if you look closer, you'll find out which one is better. Let's check out each category to know the results in detail.

Servers: A Lead By Over 9x

As a reminder:

Less traffic and the faster connection is possible if there are more servers and these are the primary reasons why we need to compare them in order to find out which between the 2 brands are less prone to less overcrowding and slowdowns.

So how did these two services compare?

StrongVPN has 9 times more servers than Windscribe. That's 950+ versus 100+ and the difference is considerably wide.

StrongVPN user interface

StrongVPN user interface

Bandwidth: No Caps for Both!

How about the bandwidth?

It's unlimited for either brands. That's good news if you're the type of user who loves to stream videos and download large files since the service providers placed no caps and throttling.

Customer Support: A 3-Point Difference

So which brand is better in taking care of their customers?

It's a win for StrongVPN as it scored 3 points higher than the competition. This is due to their comprehensive help page and friendly support agents.

StrongVPN Help page

StrongVPN Help page

Pricing: Affordable VPNs At Your Disposal

What about the costs?

Windscribe's pricing is a bit more affordable with its longest plan (1 Year) costing just $4.08 monthly as compared to StrongVPN's similar plan with a price tag of $5.83 per month.

Windscribe pricing

Windscribe pricing

Money Back: 3 Days or 30 Days? Your Choice

StrongVPN's more generous with its money-back guarantee of 30 days. Windscribe on the other hand only allows a maximum 3 days for their clients to file for a refund if they are not satisfied (subject to terms and conditions).

Bottom line?

As you can see from the table above, overall, StrongVPN is the winner in this fight.

While both services offer unlimited bandwidth, StrongVPN has 9x more servers and scored higher in the customer support category. And while StrongVPN's price is a little higher than Windscribe, the 30-day money-back guarantee compensates for it as compared to Windscribe which only has a shorter window of 3 days.

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