PureVPN vs. VyprVPN


This is quite an interesting comparison of two popular VPN services. Just looking at the table, we can see that both service providers performed well in this fight but which is the better choice?

Let's find out in this summary.

6500+ vs. 700+ Servers

For starters:

You'll get to experience less traffic and a much faster connection if your service provider has more server locations and options.

So how did these two services compare?

PureVPN had the upper hand with over 6500 servers. That's quite a lot when you compare it to VyprVPN's current total of 700+.

This means that there's a less chance of congestion when you're connecting to PureVPN.

PureVPN servers

PureVPN servers

No Cap on the Bandwidth

How about bandwidth?

Same providers are have placed no caps on it so you'll enjoy downloading large files and watch videos without worrying that your connection will slow down.

Customer Support: All Clients are Winners!

Here's the surprise: It's a TIE!

When it comes to providing client support and assistance, PureVPN and VyprVPN managed to garner the same score of 90% which is considered to be very satisfactory.

PureVPN customer support

PureVPN customer support

Competitive and Affordable Pricing

And what about the costs?

VyprVPN 36-month plan, which is the longest will only cost around $1.66 a month. This is cheaper than PureVPN's longest plan (2 years) that has a monthly premium of $3.33.

VyprVPN pricing

VyprVPN pricing

Here's the deal:

You may opt for PureVPN's 7-day Trial for the 1-Year plan which only costs $0.99.

It's important to remember that this is only good for 7 days and after the trial period and you forgot to cancel it, you will be charged per year with $69.95.

Try For a Month or Your Money Back...

Both service providers have a money-back guarantee for their clients with VyprVPN offering a coverage of 30 days and PureVPN just 1 day longer at 31 days.

Bottom line?

It was quite a close fight between these two VPN service providers as they scored well but considering all the pros and the cons, PureVPN is the better choice.

It was a tie under the bandwidth and customer support categories but PureVPN edged out VyprVPN by offering more server options and a slightly longer money-back guarantee.

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