VPN Kill Switch and Why You Have to Use One

By: Marcus Stern

VPN Kill Switch: Why You Have to Use One?

If you are using a VPN provider and believe that you are secure and protected automatically, then think again!

Only good and reliable VPN providers offer an essential feature, a Kill Switch.

Why does this matter?

If for any reason your internet connection drops, the site you are browsing connects directly to you and can log your IP address, leaving you open to prying eyes and hackers.

Look, a VPN kill switch protects you from exposing your IP address and terminates the internet connection when your VPN provider server fails.

Even though around 99.99% of uptime is offered to customers through reliable VPN providers, you are exposed when the connection drops. The worst part is that you may not even be aware that this has happened.

I can’t emphasize enough why a kill switch is a vital and essential feature, when it is engaged, nothing and no one can connect to the internet, it cuts your connection to the internet altogether.

Of course, you would not be looking for a VPN provider if you weren’t security conscience but another top priority to consider is reliability.

When looking for a VPN provider you will discover plenty of quality choices and options available, some provide 99.99% uptime. It all depends on the type of service which you choose, here’s what to look for.

vpn kill switch featurevpn kill switch feature

What’s the real story?

A VPN provider who owns its own server with several dozen server clusters usually have an uptime of 99.99%.

VPN providers who share servers are less reliable as they do not offer multiple server locations, in addition to which they might offer less bandwidth and limit the amount of server connections that you can make.

The best part?

As security and privacy issues gain more traction amongst people VPN providers know that if they don’t offer kill switches they will lose business. The result is that more and more are offering this feature.

Today, CyberGhost,NordVPN and IPVanish offer some of the best features around when it comes to reliability and security of your data. They also offer Kill Switches.

Some of the other features include:

  • CyberGhost

Unlimited bandwidth, 1300 servers, 30 day money back guarantee, excellent customer support all for a low monthly fee of $2.75 a month.

  • NordVPN

Unlimited bandwidth, 4300 servers, 30 day money back guarantee, excellent customer support all for a monthly fee of $3.29

  • IPVanish

Unlimited bandwidth, 1000 plus servers (adding more every day) great 24/7 customer support (some say the best on offer). A monthly fee of $6.49. They are also known for providing very fast speeds and high security features.

Bottom Line?

If you rely on a constant connection, especially if you are downloading torrents and identity protection is a high priority, a VPN provider that is reliable and offers a Kill Switch is crucial.