Top 3 Reasons to Use a VPN on Your Mobile Phone

By: Marcus Stern

Top 3 Reasons to Use a VPN on Your Phone

Today it is becoming more and more crucial to protect your privacy and personal information like passwords etc. That is why, security conscious people are focusing on data security protocols by using VPNs (virtual private network), especially on their mobiles.

Why does this matter?

There are many VPN providers, some good, some are mediocre while others give the basics. They enable the user to connect to the internet masking your ISP address, providing the user with anonymity.

Basically they are bridge between you and the sites you are on, they encrypt sensitive information like banking information and passwords.

That’s not all...

A good VPN provider will keep you safe from prying eyes, as an example, connecting to free Wi-Fi access at Airports, Hotels, coffee shops and businesses. In the unlikely event that someone does manage to hack into your phone, they would have a pretty hard time to decipher any information because it is encrypted.

Finding a VPN provider

There are numerous options when looking for a VPN provider, depending on your criteria and level of security you are looking for.

One of the noticeable drawbacks of having a VPN is that typically your browsing process is slow, this is because of the encryption process.

The best part?

Is that you can choose your simulated location, this leaves you open to look for a VPN provider who can offer a faster connection from that location.

using safe vpnUsing safe VPNs

Why does this matter?


  • This will allow you to connect to a TV show that is not available in your country while travelling.
  • There are many services that are region locked, so while you are travelling you can connect to your favorite shows, watch news broadcasts and so on.
  • Also, you are able to browse the web using a VPN while travelling to China who reportedly are in the process of cracking down on VPNs that are not authorized by their Government.
  • Downloading with a torrent, or even downloading content can be a headache if you don’t have a VPN. Your ISP or carrier who might own the rights to the content that you are trying to download can identify you.
  • Using a VPN provider masks your ISP and replaces it with a different one based on the location that you chose giving you anonymity.


Before signing up with a VPN provider, you should be aware of the various options that you have.

You can use a free version which offers some basic security protocols, there are also VPN providers who charge a nominal monthly fee also providing basics and then you get VPN providers who offer high security protocols. Depending on your criteria and security issues, you obviously get what you pay for.

Bottom Line?

Using a reputable VPN service provider for your mobile phone to connect to unsecured WiFi connections will make your browsing experience secure and safe.