The Advantages of Using a VPN When Streaming Content

By: John Hill

Streaming Content Using a VPN: What's the Advantage?

Streaming using a VPN (virtual private network) provider has plenty of advantages like protecting your security and privacy when online. This is achieved by providing an encrypted private channel of communication.

Unfortunately even if you have a fast internet connection you are more than likely to experience a significant slowdown in your streaming experience.

Generally, it will reduce your base connection speed by 20-50% and if you are using a low quality VPN service it can slow down so much that it becomes almost unusable.

The reason for this is that a VPN provider needs to encrypt your data and also requires you to connect to their server before you connect to the internet. All the extra steps slows down your connection.

By using a top tier VPN service you will hardly notice the difference in speed and in addition they have many other added benefits for privacy protection.

Most VPNs empowers users to be able to stream securely and anonymously giving you access to video, television, audio through streaming channels like Netflix or Hulu. This includes access and information to data that otherwise might not be available on the global websites.

Netflix and Hulu streaming media services, which are U.S. based stream their media services in their region and with agreements and copyright laws allow other providers in other countries to stream only certain services. In other words each region on the continent can only stream a particular broadcast to many of the popular films or TV shows.

Why does this matter?

A VPN can be useful in this instance as it masks your IP address and makes it appear that you are from the U.S. giving you access to all the streaming materials. It encrypts all uploads and downloads of file transfers, including your IP address, making it almost impossible for anyone to find your location or identity.

Essentially, you are using the IP address and physical location of the VPN server. Plus there are many people using the same server, so it makes it hard for anyone to find your data.

hide identity by using VPNhide identity by using VPN

That’s not all………..

More importantly is security and privacy issues. Today, hackers and cybercriminals are on the lookout to steal users privacy information like passwords for credit cards, banking information, identity theft and more.

Cheap hacking tools are freely available and any hacker can intercept wireless signals on free or low-cost all access WiFi’s. This is another reason to use a top tier VPN service for your security and protection. By using a VPN to connect to any free WiFi (hotels, airports, coffee shops etc.) you are protected from prying eyes.

Increasingly corporations are using VPNs for their workers, so that they can connect remotely outside of the office. This allows workers to be productive outside of the office while keeping the company’s network secure.

There are countries that have strict censorship where they control what you can see on the internet, like certain news feeds and streaming media. To name just a few that impose censorship is China, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Egypt and more. Some of them have imposed separate laws for companies, whilst others allow the use of approved VPNs.

The best part…………

If you are travelling to one of these countries that have strict censorship you can connect to your VPN"S IP server setting it to your home address, thus giving you access to streaming services, news etc. from your country bypassing locally imposed restrictions. Use of a VPN can protect you from government surveillance.

But there’s a catch…………

There are an increasing number of states that are working to block VPN data transmission, with some allowing use of only approved VPNs and some working to block and prohibit VPNs entirely like organisations such as Netflix.

Bottom Line?

Providers and app developers of VPN services will need to work around the clock to come up with a solution so that their users can continue to stream and enjoy the anonymity and security of encryption.