The Big Question: Is It Legal to Torrent Through a VPN?

By: Tyrone Jackson

Is It Legal to Torrent Through a VPN?

There are literally thousands of people who torrent daily, with many of them unaware of the legalities, in addition to the possibilities of being infected by viruses and malware.

In the late 2000, heavy penalties were dished out to torrent users and the pirates were sued with most of them settling out of court. Today nothing has changed, in fact there has been a growing number of businesses who have been outsourced to locate torrenters.

They are known as copyright trolls. They target you if you have illegally downloaded copyright content, they then notify the copyright holders. After signing a deal with them they then take legal action on their behalf. This has become a booming business.

What’s more……….

They then notify you by mail, email or if you are in the States or the UK go door to door and hand out settlement letters. With intimidation and fear they threaten court action with $100,000 with tempting settlements on $3,000, so that you don’t have to go to court. A good point to remember is that these letters are not legally binding

The best way to download using torrents is by using a reputable VPN provider who can keep you anonymous, whilst also protecting your privacy and security.

But, beware not all VPNs tolerate torrenting, it takes a lot of bandwidth, there are also others who offer ‘Free’ service, they log all your activity, don’t provide high security protocols and cap your bandwidth and data. The free service also has to make money, so they use advertisers, expect a lot of annoying advertising with pop-ups.

Why does this matter?

Over the past couple of years there has been a growing demand by security conscious people to use VPN for privacy, security and anonymity reasons. Today in the news we often read about identity theft, hackers who have stolen banking details and passwords for private information. This has set off alarm bells with more and more people seeking out a good VPN provider.

Finding the right VPN provider who offers high security, provides anonymity and offer high speeds is the key to not being caught and staying safe.

The best part?

You can only count on a few of them who have these features, NordVPN and IPVanish are amongst the top VPN providers today who you can safely rely on. They also offer very affordable packages to suit your pocket.

torrenting via vpntorrenting via vpn

So how does a VPN work?

You will discover that a reliable VPN:


  • Encrypts all your traffic when you connected to the internet
  • Changes your IP address, giving the impression you are located somewhere else in the world. Not only that, hundreds of people (who are signed up with your VPN) are using the same IP, making it extremely difficult to identify or track you.
  • Has a kill switch that automatically logs you off the internet in the event that your VPN experiences some down time.


Let me explain the consequences of not using a VPN for torrenting

A Peer-people who are connected to the same tracker

A Leech- is a person who uses a torrent file to download the file from people who already has the file, when the file is downloaded they become a seed.

Seeds- are people who already has the file, this allows other leeches to download the file from their computer

You will find that there are plenty of BitTorrents that enables users to share any type of file freely available on the internet. There are legal ones and others who fall in the legal grey area who offers access to copyrighted content for free.

Many of these BitTorrents (trackers) are under legal scrutiny, with distributors and content creators saying that they encourage theft. But, the ultimate blame has shifted to the users who host the files, from games, movies, music, ebooks, software and more.

Streaming as an alternative

If you think you are safe by streaming live instead of torrenting, think again. Many of these streaming services come with malware, annoying ads and attacks from the add-ons that are downloaded.


You might consider using a paid service to download files from centralized servers for $10 to $20 per month. This way you are able to download files from centralized servers, with some providing an encrypted connection, they might even offer VPN as part of the package.

The bottom Line?

Either way you look at it, if you cannot resist the temptation to torrent you absolutely need to have a reliable VPN to avoid any legal ramifications and protect you from snoopers. malware, viruses and spyware. It is a small price to pay for complete security and peace of mind.