How Does a VPN Keep Your Internet Secure?

By: Marcus Stern

How Do VPNs Keep Your Internet Secure?

Let’s face it nowadays we cannot live without the internet, it lets us communicate and keeps us connected to news events, friends, businesses and entertainment instantly.

The digital world allows this via our desktop computers, tablets, laptops and smartphones, but beware there are hidden dangers that make us vulnerable.

Let me explain

Every time you connect to the internet from anywhere you are vulnerable to inscrutable people who can hack and use your information, steal your passwords, banking information and other private information.

Why does this matter?

What gives you away is your IP address which is assigned (identifies) to you by your internet provider. Today, they can track all your online activity, your location, what sites you visit and more. The scary part is that Governments can also track you down using your IP address, nothing is private anymore!

Luckily, new technology has been able to come up with a solution and can protect you, making it safer from prying eyes.

The solution is a virtual private network (VPN).

How does it work?

For a small monthly fee a VPN provider lets you use a temporary IP address, making you anonymous while it hides your true IP address. So when you connect to your email or internet your true IP is masked from detection.

internet security with vpninternet security with vpn

It constantly uses different IP addresses giving the impression that you are in a different part of the world.

The best part?

The network is hack proof, VPNs are encrypted making it secure

No one can identify you and your online activity, the network covers the entire globe.

It blocks and hides all your activity and gives you access to censored sites while protecting you, giving you freedom and security.

The best is yet to come….

Signing up with a VPN provider is almost instant, everything stays the same you don’t need to contact your Internet Provider, or buy new equipment like a router or modem.

Choose a reliable VPN provider

Today you have many VPN providers who offer different types of plans.

The secret is choosing one who is reliable and offer and operate their own infrastructure and lots of other features like NordVPN. There are of course others like Private Internet Access, also who come with excellent plans to suit your pocket whilst providing secure encryption technology.

CyberGhost is another VPN provider with lots of added features that many other VPN providers do not offer. Their plans are affordable and suit your pocket (considering the high security features).

All are well worth checking out.

Bottom Line?

Can you really afford not to have a VPN provider? In today’s unscrupulous world you cannot afford to be unprotected.