Can a VPN Really Give You Web Anonymity?

By: Tyrone Jackson

Do VPNs Provide Web Anonymity?

VPN’s are increasingly becoming more popular and a necessity, as users seek to become anonymous when browsing or using the internet. Privacy issues has become a no. 1 priority, not only for anonymity but also security.

The growing need for anonymity and privacy by users has seen a surge in VPN providers, some offering excellent services with affordable monthly packages, whilst others are not so good.

With so many choices out there, how do you choose the best one?

Let me explain:

A VPN masks your true identity which is your IP address, it lets you connect to the VPN server using their IP address. With hundreds of users using the same IP address, there is no way of identifying you.

What’s more...

Depending on the VPN provider and the security protocols they use for encryption, online activity is absolutely secure and hack proof. In addition to that, depending on how many servers your VPN provider has worldwide, you are able to connect to the one closest to you. This means that when you are travelling it will give the impression that you are located somewhere else.

Why does this matter?

Without a VPN, hackers with criminal intentions can hack and track your online activity, steal your passwords, banking and private information. You can also be tracked down by Governments.

In today’s world nothing is safe anymore, from the sites that you visit, your location and all online activity all of it can be tracked if you don’t use a VPN.

But there’s a catch...

stay anonymous using vpnStay anonymous using a VPN

Earlier I mentioned, there are some excellent VPN providers and some not so good. Some VPNs log your activity and movements, whilst a trustworthy VPN does not.

It is easy to check if they keep logs of your activity by checking the company’s Terms of Service. It should disclose whether they log any online activity or not.

A reliable and trustworthy VPN provider who is privacy focused are upfront about their no-log policies. This also deters any Government or law enforcement groups who want customer records, or who serve warrants or subpoenas.

Look, not all VPN providers are reliable and trustworthy and sadly research shows that there are more and more scams especially with mobile VPNs. They offer you the moon with all the trimmings, whilst in fact they don’t offer any of the features that they say they do.

What’s the real story?

Stay away from any ‘Free VPNs’, there are consequences if you use a free VPN provider such as annoying ads popping up consistently, security issues and more.

A reliable and trustworthy VPN provider will offer you affordable packages that will suit your pocket, they also offer money back guarantees.

The Best part?

Based on user reviews and personal use the best VPN providers that offers a host of features, like customer support, high encryption and security, no log policies, unlimited bandwidth, kill switches, money back guarantees and more are NordVPN, CyberGhost and Private Internet Access.

All 3 have emerged as the most secure with affordable packages in the marketplace today.

Bottom Line?

Honestly, if you are looking for anonymity and security that gives you a complete umbrella of protection, choosing a reliable VPN provider is a small amount of money to pay.