Free VPNs: Find out If These Are Really Risky to Use

By: Marcus Stern

Free VPNs: Are They Risky to Use?

The increasing demand by security conscious users for a reliable VPN provider has grown exponentially over the recent years. The reason for the high demand is that it provides a safe haven for users and keeps their data safe from prying eyes while connected to the internet, amongst many other benefits.

The question is, are all free VPN’s safe?

Naturally one would assume that they are safe by using a free VPN, after all it’s a VPN (virtual private network), wrong. There are hidden dangers as an alarming rate of shady VPN providers proliferating the internet offering ‘free’ services has also grown. They say they can provide security, but these shady characters are waiting to rip you off, steal your personal data or any other information.

What are the risks involved of using a ‘free’ VPN?

Unfortunately it leaves you wide open to being infected with Malware. A recent study found that many of the free VPNs, and more specifically ones that are for Android contain malware.

vpn and malware attacksvpn and malware attacks

Why does this matter?

Although it can come in many forms, but if hidden inside a VPN it can:

  • Access sensitive user information
  • Steal credit card information
  • Hijack online accounts
  • Lock devices
  • Infect you with spam emails

So whilst it might be tempting to use a free VPN, the above is only one scary scenario associated with it.

What’s more there are some instances where some free VPN service providers were caught stealing the users bandwidth, only to resell it to third parties other ‘users’ and advertisers without them knowing about it.

Let’s face it, the ramifications can be terrifying for you, who knows what the other third parties are using your bandwidth for, it might be used for highly illegal activities, watching child porn or to buy guns and arms, or drugs.

That’s not all ………….

By tracking your online activity, (after all these free services have to make money somehow) with hidden tracking, which collects all your data and sells it to third parties, they in turn now bombard you with personalized advertisements which are based on your most visited places and shopping habits.

All this is done without the users consent and more annoyingly after switching off your device and then switching it on again users are confronted with browser extensions, various software and other programs which have been installed on their device.

Even more disturbing, many free VPNs experience internet traffic leaks, leaving your original IP address exposed. If you think about it, it is contrary to what it is supposed to do, which is to protect your security and privacy.

Most reliable VPN providers have a kill switch feature, which automatically disconnects you from the internet so that you are protected from any unprotected traffic.

Bottom Line?

Are you willing to compromise your data and security with a ‘free’ VPN as tempting as it might be?

You shouldn’t, there are several VPN providers that can give you complete protection for a small monthly fee that won’t hurt your pocket.

The best part?

Is most of them provide money back guarantees, like NordVPN, Private Internet Access, CyberGhost, IPVanish and TunnelBear. All of these VPN providers have been found to be reliable and offer many additional features to give you complete peace of mind.