5 Basic Tips to Improve Your VPN's Connection

By: Tyrone Jackson

5 Simple Tips to Increase Your VPN Connections

It could be very frustrating when your internet speed is much slower than you expect. We couldn't agree more.

There are geo locations that do have very poor internet and there are some blessed with high speed internet. Here is where you can use a VPN to increase the speed of your connections.

But remember this:

Connecting via VPN is NOT an assurance that you will achieve the speeds that you want. Sometimes, a VPN is still a work in progress so you might experience slowness as well.

If ever you experience such kind of sluggish network try to work on these 5 simple ways to somehow increase the speed of your VPN connections. And as the year progresses, we are looking forward to faster VPNs.

1. Server locations play an important role on your internet speed

Different geo locations offers different speed so for you to be able to have a faster connections, try interchanging your server locations.

For example:

If the UK connections is not working properly or it doesn't achieve the speed that you wanted. Try choosing other European locations to access the web. Or try the North America connections to easily connect to the internet.

The basic rule of thumb is that if you're just trying to deceit people about your location, just connect to the closest available server so you can get a faster internet speed.

2. Level of encryption has a direct correlation to the speed of your connection

The best way to solve the lethargic VPN connection is change your connection protocol. Try checking the IPSec or Open VPN or PPTP option of your VPN provider so you can make further adjustment on the speed of your internet.

If you are not familiar with this one, go to the VPN Settings to see these features.



3. Fast VPN connections will be voided if the main internet connection is slow

Always remember:

If you are using a public Wi-Fi connections to connect to a VPN expect that you're internet speed will depend on the Wi-Fi connections not the VPN.

When situation like this arises, you need to double check your main network connection. If the speed remain inert, consider unplugging your router to reset your connections for few seconds.

After the reset, you can now use your VPN and you may notice a difference in speed and connections.

4. Keeping one VPN is not enough if you want speed

One VPN doesn't have perfect features and connections all the time, so you might as well consider having another brand of VPN on your mobile devices or PC. If one connections got sluggish, log off then choose the other VPN connections.

You may utilize the usage and speed of both VPN if you are interchanging from connections to the other.

Fast connections

Fast connections

5. If the VPN connections become really lethargic, the best thing to do is to shut down the program completely

It makes a difference when you reboot the program and regain your access. The connection is much faster than the old connections.

A final word

These are non-technical tips that you can follow when VPN connections are close to becoming idle. Try finding which VPN suits your need and see which of their features best suits your needs.